About Poliva


Poliva-Israel's Largest Supplier of Baking Ingredients


.Poliva is the leading company producing, importing, and distributing raw materials for the baking and food industries in Israel


Poliva produces over 1,000 products including: margarine, vegetable oils, chocolate, compound chocolate, chocolate spreads, baking enhancers, fruit-based spreads, dulce de leche, date syrup, and more, under our own name as well as private labels for the retail market. All under the following international production standards


ISO 9001: Israeli and International standard for Quality Control Management


HAACP: Industrial standard for Food Production Safety Management


FSSC 22000: International production standard for Food Safety Certification


.All of Poliva’s products are certified kosher by Badatz Eida haHaredit Jerusalem


Poliva's is located in Ramle, Israel's industrial area, on 8.5 acres of land, including our: Production Facility, Vegetable Oil Refinery, Warehouses, R&D Laboratory, Distribution Center, Factory Store, and Workshop/Demonstration Kitchen


Poliva has two (2) stores

.Factory Store: Hat Atzmon 1, Industrial Area, Ramle, Israel

.Rishon Branch: David Saharov 14, Rishon LeZion, Israel

.At the stores you will find Poliva's whole range of products, a workshop/demonstration kitchen, baking/ingredient consultants, and more


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Poliva Ltd +972-73-2323500

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